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click One problem: the guy she catcalls strolls into her office a short time later and just happens to be a world renowned architect who has been called in to revise the plans for the new city hall project she is overseeing. Talk about awkward……………. Eve is immediately defensive with the newcomer, Matt, and proceeds to ask who hired him for this particular project.

But that moron is my uncle. And, so begins their working relationship. Eve has worked hard to be accepted a field that is usually dominated by men, and thanks to Mayor Anderson, she feels that she more than has her work cut out for her with this guy with the GQ good looks and easy going nature. Through a series of events, Eve and Matt end up spending a lot of their personal time together as well, and begin to grow closer. Matt also realizes early on that Eve is scared of something, or someone, and becomes determined to try and keep her safe. But Eve is determined to keep men at bay.

Her first marriage ended in disaster, albeit, short-lived, and she is in no hurry to go down that road again. Oh, but what a road they travel. Altenburg has written a wonderful story of building trust, establishing boundaries and finding love in the most unlikely of circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to more by Paula Altenburg. May 15, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance.

She may be short in stature but large in spirit. That is until the mayor hires a world-famous architect for the job Eve is managing. Successful and gorgeous, Eve takes an instant dislike to Matt Brison. And Matt is shocked at how the tiny manager makes him feel. Sparks fly, drama occurs.

I loved the chemistry between Eve and Matt from the start. They have a meet-cute which borders on sexual harassment but somehow it just makes me adore the two of them together.

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And because of this they work so well together — both professionally and personally. They really showed where the characters had come from and how much they have to overcome to be together.

May 16, Maria rated it really liked it. Okay, for the most part, I absolutely loved this book. Our shero was awesome, and our hero was arrogant but pretty awesome, too. Things I loved: The humor - there were situations I've never seen in a romance novel before, and I giggled and chuckled for most of the book.

Cat-calls, nail guns, and blankets, oh my! I really enjoyed a lot of Eve's interaction with her family, but I thought there were several things that we Okay, for the most part, I absolutely loved this book. I really enjoyed a lot of Eve's interaction with her family, but I thought there were several things that were introduced and then the author forgot to go back and flesh out.

Interactions between her brothers and Matt, Eve and her mom, little things. There were two main reasons I took off a star: Claude - for an obsessed psycho, he actually isn't much of a villain.

I expected a bigger confrontation, and more resolution than the end provided. Eve's refusal to tell anyone about Claude. She puts up with years of harassment from her family for giving up on her marriage because she refuses to admit that he tried to hit her. He breaks into her house and trashes her bedroom - there's evidence everywhere, and she doesn't think the police will believe her?

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For someone who is otherwise completely competent, I thought that was uncharacteristically stupid and obviously author interference. I half expected her mother to invite him to the family reunion to try and get them back together; THAT would have made for some entertainment. Overall a really great read, and I will be happy to read other books by Paula.

May 16, Nanettez rated it really liked it. I was thinking what if i can't finish it with my busy schedule, and I didn't like the story, but I'm so wrong coz with busy schedule, I just can't stop reading it and I don't even want this story to end. Honestly I have mixed emotions with the start of the story with feisty, a bit insecure and bit tactless Eve Do I received the ARC copy from publisher, Entangled Publishing, on the day of publishing.. Honestly I have mixed emotions with the start of the story with feisty, a bit insecure and bit tactless Eve Doucette, "murder plotting" the Mayor turned into a "cute meet" with Matt Brison but I changed how I viewed the story as I quickly turned each pages.

I love how the story went from cute to funny, sexy to dangerous and a bit dark. Matt is not a super all alpha-male, dont have a dark secret or some bad-ass tattoos, his not even a rock God, but he doesn't need any of that and what sets him and could be a great contender for a great book boyfriend is that it doesnt matter what Eve have on her past or self-doubting, tactless she always will, the most important thing and the most beautiful for Matt's eye is ONLY EVE. Such a great summer read!!! Thank you for my arc! May 14, Evelyn rated it really liked it.

Quirky, sweet, funny as in laughing out loud moments are what you will be reading if you buy this book. Heroine is sweet but an edge who is constantly plotting the hero's uncle demise. Hero is a well known respected architect. Love the scene where Matt goes over shrubbery in trying to help Eve. Classic moments in this book and you don't want to miss them.

Apr 29, Robin Bielman rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! Loved watching Eve fight her attraction to Matt and loved how he knew just how to handle her! Two strong, endearing characters that will stay with you long after you've finished the book. May 15, Julie Manga Maniac Cafe rated it really liked it. Full review soon I enjoyed Desire by Design and thought that the story had a lot to offer.

Eve is an extremely likable character who is struggling to come into her own after a disastrous marriage. Her large, loud family is overbearing, and she clashes with her mother at every gathering. Worse, her ill-fated marriage lasted only two weeks before she realized that she married a jealous, controlling, abusive man. Vowing to focus only on herself and her career so she would avoid making another mistake, Eve dives into her position as a project manager with a gusto. Her latest job is to oversee the construction of the new city hall building, and right from the get go, she is confronted with strife and personality conflicts — mostly with Bob, the self-serving mayor.

For his uncle. You know, that annoying, self-serving mayor guy. Eve feels no loyalty toward the mayor and is upset about the thought of him railroading an ever increasing budget through to get his dream offices constructed. To stir things up even more between Eve and Matt, the mayor warns Matt away from Eve. I loved how both Eve and Matt had to weave through the misconceptions people tossed in front of them about each other and make up their minds about each other.

Just to keep Eve from resting easy, her abusive ex ends up back in town. When Matt suspects that Eve is being threatened, he quickly dons his shining armor and offers to help her out. Because Eve has both forgotten how to trust in others or to trust her own judgment, this is the story of her learning to believe again. She needs to believe that others are decent and caring, and that she has the capacity to make the right decisions for herself.

Instead of reacting to her mother and her family, she needs to stop worrying about disappointing anyone and start living again. When she finally learns to ask for help, and when she finally allows herself a second chance, I was right there cheering her on. To make the journey even more enjoyable, Matt keeps making the worst impression possible on her parents, with hilarious results. It kept the story from being too angsty, and added a nice touch of humor.

It made both Eve and Matt more sympathetic and gave them an added depth of character. I picked up Desire by Design completely on the spur of the moment. The first paragraph had me hooked, and I remained engaged in the story for the entire length. I must confess the reason I requested this book was originally because it was set in Nova Scotia. It's not typically a location I get to read about, so I was interested straight away.

Desire by Design is a funny and charming romance, with a fun twist on the male-female relationship. Eve may look like a pixie - petite and delicate - but boy, she more than makes up for her lack of physical stature with her ambition and drive. Having gotten out of a bad marriage five years earlier, Eve is concentrati I must confess the reason I requested this book was originally because it was set in Nova Scotia.

Having gotten out of a bad marriage five years earlier, Eve is concentrating solely on her career and is working on the biggest job of her life, the City Hall in Halifax. What is meant to be her dream job is disrupted when the mayor of Halifax brings his nephew on board to redesign the building. Matt may very well be a world-famous architect, but he instantly gets Eve's back up. She sees Matt as taking over what should be hers. They butt heads over many things - she yearns for the traditional look, his signature is modern and industrial.

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Eve's resentment wars with Matt's sweet and generous nature. They are unquestionably drawn to each other, but with misconceptions aplenty and Eve's crazy ex on the horizon, their road to each other is rocky to say the least. This is pretty closed-door fade to black when it comes to the sexytimes, however the chemistry and sexual tension between Eve and Matt is very well done. You are left in no doubt that they are well-suited, and not just because they click in the bedroom. Eve is pretty bolshy - I like that she has a need for independence and a desire to make something of herself outside of a relationship.

I can see that her abrasiveness could turn a few people away, but I like that in my characters. Matt is a real sweetheart, one of the nice guys. He was a little less alpha-male than I generally prefer in my romance heroes, but still I loved the supporting characters - in particular, Eve's brothers and Uncle Bob. What a hoot they were. When it comes to my villains, I do love seeing them dealt their comeuppance, and the villainous one in Desire by Design does get that.

Maybe it could have been a most spectacular one, but hey, it was not a deal breaker by any means.

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This is the first book I have read from Paula Altenburg, and I will definitely keep my eye on her from now on. I very much enjoyed Desire by Design - an entertaining, fun book perfect for an afternoon's reading. My rating: 3. Jun 02, Stephanie rated it really liked it. This is so cool. And, this is a more adult book than that.

Evie's last name of Doucette is actually one of the seven or eight families who founded Tignish at the very tip-top of the island; this is where my mother-in-law's family was from. It's a great story of the Acadians. But it is by no means steamy. It's a nice romance but the intimacy is all moon-goes-behind-the-clouds stuff. It's enjoyable, but you could probably give it to your grandmother. The characters are cute. Seriously, Eve's been burned and learned her lesson.

So now she has encased her heart in asbestos. And we all know: asbestos is not good for you and it requires you to take care of it in removal. Matt doesn't think she's his type but quickly changes his mind, of course, or the story would be really short. There's an element of danger from her past. I was ticked off a bit by Eve's stubborn stupidity about guys and relationships. Even after her disastrous marriage, maybe because of it, she still seems really naive.

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But, she is not some stupid damsel who needs saving. She's very capable. But, she's also under the impression that what happened was her fault and that she has to take care of everything on her own. She's grown up and put on those big girl panties but she seems to have pulled them over her head and given herself a mental and emotional wedgie. It's cute. It's entertaining with some slap stick comedy at Matt's expense. It's well written and edited with some Canadian nicely, but not exaggeratedly, thrown in. The characters are consistent. You'll know where it's going so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

More sweet than steamy, this gets a recommend for people who prefer a less spicy romance. Apr 30, pinK rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-contemporary. This is a delightful quick read that would be perfect for a lazy afternoon around the house. The story is simple, but well written and truly a fun way to spend a few hours. I devoured this cute little book in one sitting. I was completely tangled up in the sweet romance between Eve and Matt. The characters were well developed and easy to like not counting the terrible ex, of course.

I loved the quick humour in the story, peppered amongst the narration of the story. It seemed no matter what Eve This is a delightful quick read that would be perfect for a lazy afternoon around the house.

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It seemed no matter what Eve or Matt's intentions were, some sort of mischeif followed. Their zany experiences lightened my day and made me laugh out loud on a few occasions - mostly the beach scene. Even without these qualities, I can see it being very easy to relate to Eve - a woman haunted by the mistakes of her past. Why not a five? Well, although I really did enjoy this book, everything went a bit too smoothly for my taste. I kept expecting a big climax, but it never happened. I felt that there were a few things left unanswered about Eve and Matt's future, and that was a bit unsettling for me.

I also think that a little more history about the Ex would have been beneficial. Even with these small flaws, the book is very enjoyable and definitely worth the read to anyone looking for a light romance. Note: I received this book from the publisher for an honest review. Jun 18, Tara Allen rated it really liked it. The Good: I really enjoyed reading Desire by Design.

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It was a fun and fast read. The characters were sweet and watching them get to know each other and get close made me want them to end up together. I liked that Evie was a tough cookie and could hold her own on a construction site. I also appreciated that she really wanted to be independent and make her family proud of her as well as being proud of herself. Matt is a sweetheart. Uncle Bob, the Mayor, steals the show for me, though. He is so totally offensive and over the top with how he treats Evie. But as soon as I figured out what his real agenda was, everything he did was pretty hysterical.

The Bad: Evie, while a good character, kind of irked me a bit.

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She did things that made me want to smack her and yell at her to smarten up. As much as she made me cranky, her actions were consistent with her character and her internal motivations. Aug 17, Janna Shay rated it really liked it. Posted by DVEadmin in Blog. Desire by Design by Paula Altenburg is stealing hearts left and right. Her first contemporary with Entangled Bliss she also writes a fantastic urban fantasy series called The Demon Outlaws! Eve Doucette finally almost has it all. That is, until a handsome architect sweeps into town to commandeer her blueprints.

Famous architect Matt Brison is unsatisfied with his mundane life in Toronto. So when the mayor of Halifax asks him to spearhead his City Hall project, Matt jumps at the opportunity. Hi Dani! Hey Paula! Loved this post and learning how you came to write romance! I'm very glad you did. I felt it all in Desire By Design! My father is an architect, and I know how proprietary he was over his designs.

I can just see Eve's frustration at this unwelcome development. Matt has quite the obstacle to overcome. I love that this story has a couple of unique features - it's set in Halifax and it deals with architects. Sounds like you've learned a lot about writing and what makes readers tick! Entangled Bliss series

Dani, thanks so much for having me here today. I'm about to run out to celebrate my husband's birthday. I've got this book on my Amazon Wish List! I'm familiar with your paranormal books and am looking forward to reading your new story! Hi Kim, no actual follow up as of now, but I'm working on another Bliss romance that I'm really loving.

Ideas just pop into my head, usually complete with characters. It's having to turn them into actual, workable story lines that causes me to sweat. Thank you for being here today! I am adding your book to my Wish list! Thanks for the giveaway! Sounds like I found another great author. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to reading this book.

Thanks for sharing Paula! I appreciate the insights into your "writing life". While I like reading super dramatic books at times, other times I prefer a lighter escape with less angst! Thanks for being an author for the easy escape. Hi Paula, Great post! Just like you, I know something about working on a deadline because I'm a translator. You're absolutely correct, that kind of work surely make me sweat! LOL Thanks for the giveaway. It was the first book from you that I'd read and after reading it I know that I'll be reading more from you.

Congrats on your latest release, it sounds wonderful. Great to meet you here Paula. Hi Paula! Great post - I always love to get insight into a writer's process. I'm glad that the universe kept nudging you in the "write" direction har because you definitely make readers think, feel, see, learn - and you keep us entertained while you do it!

Keep up the great work! Loved the post! Very informative. Your book sounds really great and I can't wait to read it. I enjoyed your post.

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I haven't come across your paranormals; I'll have to look for them. I love when authors assign interesting jobs to their characters. I get to learn about a whole new profession and enjoy it! Architecture is something I don't know a whole lot about so I think that's an interesting job to choose!