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29 Legitimately Good Erotic Novels You Must Read
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follow link These have done my reading enjoyment a whole lotta good, and I have so many to look forward to, below! I just learned that term, too. These are the ones where one of the guys has been straight, never had any inclination towards another man but suddenly or slowly realizes his feelings for one usually a best friend is feeling a whole lot like attraction.

Like a crush. Maybe even love. And ohhhh the angst and drama that comes from that realization. He still insists no. Er… maybe… yes. This series has that perfect amount of angst, indecision and intense want. A warmhearted feel in all wrapped up in funny! But I am so happy you recommended them and therefore I read them. I loved them and think they have made my list of all time favorites.

SOME LIKE IT SCOT: A Crescent Cove Contemporary Romance

I am now sharing how great they are with everyone I work with so they can enjoy in the fun and angst. I could see this… perfectly. And of course I fell for both of them! What the heck was I waiting for?? In fact, had I been the girl… I think I would have been jealous. The intensity in that book was definitely felt by me! I had never experienced something like that before but privately, I was so excited at what I might run into. And then she wrote this one! Any book, series or short story by Josh Lanyon. Not always a true HEA but always a good story.

Thanks for the list. After Bear, Otter and the Kid… I was wondering how I would get that kind of intense romantic angst to that level again… Yep. I get you! So glad you out up this list!!! I loved Beyond Eden sooooo much! Bound by Lies by Lynn Kelling …so good! I am also reading Aftermath by Cara Dee. Just started, but loving it so far! I am so glad you put up this list. Love all the recommendations and have read half of them. Anyway, those books are like crack. Very readable — great storytelling.

They come with my highest recommendation. I just finished reading Try! Holy Batman was it HOT! Thanks for the referral. I would recommend the Alluring Indulgence series! The 3rd book is Travis and it is totally HOT. Or… hers? Any recommendations would love to have. Table for Three was sooo steamy and really worshipped their woman. I dunno that genre just makes me happy. Tymber Dalton More than make believe.

How is the Cut and Run series by Abigal Roux not on this list?!? Think you so much for additional suggestions! I one clicked so many…. Just released this week is the first spin off from the cut and run series called Shock and Awe. Maryse Be sure to add Power Exchange and Safeword to your list. They are both by A J Rose. You will love them. The covers alone are enough to sell the books, but they are great reads. And to you, I can only say…. Finished it last night!!!! So glad I did and I am glad you are recommending similar reads. I feel bad for you cause there are so many good books on here your TBR collections is gonna be out of control.

Aaron by JP Barnaby is heartbreaking and wonderful.

All The Kissing Heat Levels

Some Like It Hot: An Erotic Romance Anthology [Kristen Proby, Olivia Cunning, Nicole Edwards, Five bestselling authors have come together to bring you five smoking hot, never before seen # in Contemporary Romance (Books). Some Like It Hot (Rising Star Chef, #2; Recipe for Love,. Other editions Shelves: contemporary-romance, adult-romance, romance, kitchen-romance. Review.

I cannot decribe how good this made my heart hurt. I follow her stalk her writing progress on FB so I know the follow up is in the works. It was surprisingly deep and thoughtful and I loved every page. Psycop Series by Jordan Castillo Price is really good. Holy goodness there are so many!! And Bear Otter and the Kid 3 is coming soon! Did you see the video? He also proposed to his cute writer BF Eric Arvin. So adorable. You have to watch their videos on youtube. They are toooo cute Rebecka!! Thank you guys SO much for all of the awesome looking suggestions.

Thanks so much for the list Maryse!

Steamy Romance Book Recommendations! - EP 1

Just finished Try by Ella Frank followed swiftly by Collide. Both were amazing! I loved it! Tate and Logan sexy, adorable, endearing and definitely worth reading about…. I agree with Amy and Jackie! I recently read power Exchange and am reading Safeword now.

Some Like It Hot

I agree with all the recommendations. Scott or the series by A. I just love your blog so much! You recommend the hottest MM books. Hi Paul! We have so much awesome reading to look forward to. Beyond the romance, it is just a great story. Highly recommend. She just re-relased both of them and added a bunch of new stuff to them!! Shes actually running a sale on them on amazon right now in honor of the release! It tells the story of the love between Achilles and Patroclus. Won the Orange Prize or Fiction last year.

My favourite read of the last 12 months. Really is entrancing and very sad. What a great recommendation! Thank you! Being a newbie in this genre is great! So excited. Memorizing You by Dan Skinner was really good. Soooo good. They are older books series started in I think? Totally loving those characters right now and even dream about them! So I just read Bear Otter and the kid…what took me so long to read it???? How wrong I was.

Bear is hilarious. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this great series by Z. I would also recommend All the Kings Men Series. The 2nd. It was full of emotion and drama. The sex scenes were so frkn Hot. The story of them was beautiful. Love te series so far. I have a question for all of u. It was about a straight college guy who gets a speeding ticket from a cop.

The cop has been watching him for a while now and is very much interested in him. When this younger guy decides to explore his sexuality and leaves his girlfriend he asks this cop to show him the ropes. So the cop takes him under his wing and soon falls in love with the guy.

Some Like It Hot by Louisa Edwards

Any ideas guys? Just finished Bear, Otter and The Kid. Why did I hold off reading it before?!? It was amazing! I just finished reading The Backup Boyfriend.. It was so good. I love Noah to so I hope she does his Story too. I am reading the Acclamation series by Vee Hoffman and they are excellent. They are amazing! The first book in the series is a little slow, but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th books are excellent! Highly recommend! Ethan book 5 in Alluring Indulgence just came out.

The Walker brothers are frkn HOT!!! You will be wondering what took you so long to read it. Guarantee you will love Them. This story is both simple and complex, sweet and heated. The hero and heroine, Dag and Lark, are so likable and so real. They have normal, every day problems.

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They're not millionaires and they don't have weird issues, they have the issues we all have--bills to pay, looking for a job, troubled family relationships, dreams to fulfill, lonely hearts in need of good love. In other words, Dag and Lark are utterly relatable. Which makes their story even more poignant. They're good, sincere, hard working, wonderful people.

So of course the whole book you're screaming KISS! But they have to earn their happily ever after by working through their self-doubts. To be together, they have to teach themselves to be brave. There's a great cast of supporting characters like Paisley Lark's sister and Dag's parents.

No character is a throwaway. They come with their own complex history and they add layers to the story. There are tons of fun elements, like Highland games in Maine! And a hunky hero who secretly writes historical romance? What a twist, and what fun. One of the sexiest scenes is not even a kissing scene, it's where Dag and Lark eat ice cream. Never has the sharing of a cone been so sensual. Finally, I have to add that the prose is beautiful. It's simple. Not flowery. And cuts straight to the romantic reader's heart. I can't wait for the next in this series.

Marlie May is going on auto-buy for me! Feb 26, Xerxia rated it really liked it. This is so hard to rate. I really liked about three-quarters of it. Enough to forgive the info-dumping boring chunk of Highland games. But the angsty climax really hurt, the author turned what had been an almost perfect book boyfriend into an irredeemable asshat, and then had virtually no grovel.

Just a hero who says some truly awful things and then never re This is so hard to rate. Just a hero who says some truly awful things and then never really apologizes. View 1 comment. Feb 17, Jeanne Estridge rated it it was amazing. When two lovers of all things Scottish are on a collision course like this, can romance be far behind? I received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. Feb 22, Heather Van Fleet rated it it was amazing. Fun, sexy read with an awesome flip! Love that the hero was the author in this story.

Loved the characters and how real they were as well! Feb 22, CR Grissom rated it it was amazing. Lark fell in love with the wrong guy and learned her lesson, which she will not repeat.

Have you tried erotic literature?

Neither one has any intention of falling in love. But the road to perdition, and a whole lot of angst is paved with good intentions. A fun twist since the hero is a romance author hiding behind a female pseudonym who scribes NY Times bestselling hist-rom featuring a kilted warrior yummy , and a heroine who has spent far too much time and money being involved with the bottom feeders of the dating pool.

Feb 11, Elizabeth Chatsworth rated it it was amazing. This romance is wonderful! How to find love when it's the last thing you're looking for. Crescent Cove is the place to be for hot Scots, swoony kisses, and an ending that is. Feb 10, Lana Pattinson rated it it was amazing. I read a pre-published version of this book. Feb 27, Jamie Brydone-Jack rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read and review a lot of books in different genres. Romance is my favorite genre, though I am usually more of a fan of historical romance. This book, however, has to be one of the most fun and pleasant books I've read in a very long time.

It's hard to believe it is a debut novel. I enjoyed this book so much that I simply got caught up in its world and didn't even think to dissect it as I went along, like I do other books. I'm not quite sure if I can define what precisely makes this book so fun. Part of it, I think, stems from the hero, Dag. Dag is a sweet and kind-hearted hero with a secret, and for once, it's not a big, bad, scary secret like often happens in books. Rather, he secretly writes trashy Highlander romance novels! Under a female pen name, he is a best-selling author, but no one outside his family knows.

What is dark romance?

He meets Lark, the heroine, at a bar when Lark goes out with her sister Paisley for her sister's birthday. Lark has sworn off dating after a particularly nasty ex has betrayed her several ways, causing her to distrust men. Immediately, she and Dag are attracted to each other, but she lets him know that she is not interested in dating.

They still flirt, even kiss, and circumstances just keep bringing them together. Lark pushes him away and pulling him towards her as she fights with her very conflicted inner self. Dag likes to tease her in general, and in particular, he often dresses up in a kilt because he knows that she's attracted to that!

The book is silly, fluffy fun, but it is so very very fun! There were a few minor grammar and punctuation issues but the story kept me engaged even with minor flaws. If you're looking for a sweet contemporary romance with just a little bit of Scottish flair and a lot of good humor, this book may be right up your alley. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Here's a Bonnie Wee Lassie Guilty by Association, or Gender SomeHow! Until next time Happy Reading! Mar 03, Mary Lou Hoffman rated it it was amazing Shelves: humorous , romance , series.

Though not a continuing story, they will need to be read in the order of release. Not only is this the first book in the series, it is the first book released by Marlie May and she did a wonderful job of it! The story is sweet, sexy, romantic comedy at its classic best. I love the way they meet and meet again until there is no way to deny they are meant to spend time together.

I love the way he is willing to do anything — no matter how cutely silly — to get her to agree to that first date that is really a third? I loved this story; I loved the characters, their passions, and their causes. With every revelation, I still wanted to know more. I was invested in every page. Finally, I loved the hints that will lead us to other books in this series.

I know many seasoned writers who do not do as good a job at leaving those breadcrumbs that will entice to further book sales. Again, I must say, extremely well done, Marlie May! Mar 10, Mary rated it it was amazing. This is romantic, amusing and interesting. The storyline is great. Lark's favorite book series is about a highlander and his lady, she's been waiting for the fourth and last book.

Dag is the author of those books, but the public doesn't know that because he writes under a woman's name. Lark has sworn off men and she's not giving in, even to a man determined to get a date. But she does give in, and they are hot and intense together, until he is devastated by a family member. Portia has never had an adventurous life, but when her sister is kidnapped, she finds herself immersed in a dangerous world she never expected with a dark and beautiful man she never imagined. Nightshade is a mysterious mercenary with a dark past, but when he is hired by Portia to help track down her sister, he finds that the inexperienced lady isn't the only one learning a thing or two about the world.

A steamy ready starring a strong-willed heroine and a sexy hero , Lord of Lies has plenty of action and sensuality to keep readers entertained. So hot it you might need gloves to handle it, Shelly Bell's At His Mercy is one of the steamiest reads of the summer. Tristan is determined to turn over a new leaf, but not until after he has one more night of wild, uninhibited passion. After all the darkness in her past, Isabella is ready to start living again when she finds the perfect stranger to make her feel alive.

The only problem? Tristian is Isabella's professor, and although the two never thought they'd see each other after their hot-and-heavy one night stand, they're lives begin to collide. Things only get more complicated when a stranger from Isabella's past shows up on campus, and Tristan realizes he'd do anything to keep her safe. Suspenseful as it is sensual, At His Mercy is the kind of titillating romance that makes summer reading so much fun. The second installment in Marie Harte's The Donnigans series, Just the Thing is the kind of book that will make you sweat while you read it.

A former marine, Gavin Donnigan is haunted by his past, and the only thing that seems to help him feel better is the self defense classes he teaches at the local gym, and the gorgeous woman in it who seems not to even notice him. Zoe York is still reeling from the death of her twin sister, and the time she spends at the gym is her one distraction from the pain.

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That, and the hot instructor who is helping her feel alive again, because once these two begin to take their sweat sessions out of the gym, they both find there's a lot of passion left to live for. Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, has been hiding from his past for the last three years, but when duty calls, he is forced to find a woman to bear him an heir.

He is already married, but his wife, Seraphina, Duchess of Haven, can never forgive him for the sins of his past. Brought back together again by duty, the pair make a deal: Seraphina can have freedom as long as she helps Malcolm find a new wife first.

But will they end up falling into each other's arm, unable to deny their passion for one another, or is their broken past too much to overcome? An emotionally complex and sexually intriguing novel, K. Tucker's Until It Fades has the perfect balance of sweetness and steaminess. After single mother Catherine Wright saves a man's life one foggy night, she is shocked to learn the man she rescued wasn't just some random guy, but hockey legend and media star Brett Madden.